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Protect your Child from TV Violence

The children on an average, watch 3 to 4 hours of television every day. As we know television has a powerful influence on every age group and this influence extends not only in the form of entertainment but also in shaping peoples behavior. But children are the most affected by it as they can not distinguish between reality and drama. Unfortunately, much of television programs are violent. Studies conducted show the effect of TV violence on children and teenagers.

  1. They become immune to the horror of violence.
  2. They accept violence as a means to solve problems.
  3. They imitate the violence they observe of TV and identify with certain characters they see.

Studies conducted prove that extensive viewing of television may cause greater aggressiveness in children. Constant viewing of shows where violence goes unpunished is a great initiator for children to imitate what they see.The impact of TV violence may be evident in a child's behavior immediately or may surface after a few years.

Parents can protect their children from excessive TV violence in the following ways :

  1. Pay attention to the programs that the children are watching. Watch some with them.
  2. Set limits on the amount of time they spend watching the TV.
  3. Openly criticize the programs where violence is to much and point out that although the characters on the screen are play acting and have not been really hurt, such violence in real life results in pain and or death.
  4. Also emphasis the importance of an consequence of such violent action, punishment in real life always exists while on TV there is no such "crime never pays" reaction.
  5. Refuse to let children see shows known to be violent. Change the channel or turn off the TV or engage them in other activity during those programs
  6. Disapprove of the violent episodes and stress to the children that such violent behavior is not the best way to solve a problem
  7. Contact other parents of your children's friends and mutually agree to enforce similar rules about the length of time and type of programs the children may watch. Parents should use all available measures to protect their children from displays of violence on TV.

Keeping the children away from the TV is not always possible, hence parents must reason with their children and ask them not to watch the particular programs or ask them to change to another channel of their choice. Remember talking and explaining to children whatever their age may be the best way to get them to listen to you.

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