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Children's letters
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Dear chotisiduniya,
choti si duniya is great fun thanks!
Sultana (5 years)

This site is very interesting and I love surfing it whenever I go to internet.
zoya (8 Years)

my virgin mind has died,
but there is no more sorrow inside
i dance with the little child within me
may choti si duniya forever be

Dear God Guide our Country. HELP us in any difficulties
Abhilasha Daga (12 Years)

god..where are you ?
i want to meet you
i have lots of things to tell you
pappu (12 Years)

Dearest God
God Thank-you for giving us sweet parents and this beautiful world. Thank-You GOD.
Pooja (9 Years)

Dear God,
where r u ?? i want to meet u take good care of me
Chandru Malkani (14 Years)

Dear Zeezoo
My beystest palz....U R "tink-tin-ti-tinKkkk;o)" Ove
ChiRpee (6 Years)

Dear Gaurav,
thank you gaurav for being my good friend
pappu (10 Years)

Dear God,Chota-Billgates ....
You have got us in your hands like little dolls.
Aprita Ghosh (7 Years)

Dear God.
Every single cell in my body is happy,ever single cell in my body is well I thank you lord, I feel so good. For every single cell in my body is well.
Sanaa Khan (12 Years)

Dear Mummy,
My Mummy you have to cook for me some nice food,
otherwise if you will not cook nice food then I will not eat, because everyday you are not cooking good food for me.
Sahil Suri

Dear Mitish,
I will come to your house on Sunday. We will play together. Can I bring my Daddy and Mummy? My Mummy and Daddy will talk to your Mummy and Daddy and we will play.

Sriram (8 years)

Dear God,
I want to become a good boy and after I die please
take me to heaven.
Christopher D'sa

Dear God,
God please give me something, because I got nothing to give my mummy and daddy and I shall be saying in my prayers tonight when I go to sleep and in the morning when I get up from my sleep. And I thank you for giving us everything.
Foeng Lee (8 years)

Dear God,

I pray to god I love god I thank god
Samitha 6 yrs

dear teacher Gal
How are you? Are you happy. I am happy. You are so nice teacher, you do not beat us, you also give good marks in my books. Thank you teacher
Mona 7 yrs

my parents,
my mother and my father work very hard for me, they feed me, clothed me and educate me by sending me to a good school,they try to give me all the comforts of life.
Anita 7 yrs

my dear friend,
Pitter Patter What is the matter?

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There once was a fellow named Clyde
who went to a funeral and cried.
When asked who was dead,
he stammered and said
I don't know, I just came for the ride.



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