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Secret 4: The Eyebrows

The eyebrows form the fun part of the face that sits over the face. They depict the real emotion of the face. A mix up in the eyebrows adds fun to the face and expresses the desired mood.

Secret 5: The Eyelids

Here is where the fun really takes off! By adding eyelids to the eyes and a few wrinkles and crinkles around the eyes gives the character a much better expression. Allow your imagination to create wonderful combinations. Remember, the eyebrows & eyelids work together. When you use them well, the emotion really shows.

Secret 6: The Mouth

Make sure that your face has enough room for a mouth. The mouth is a flexible & magical wonder and does not behave like the other parts of the body. Try your best to make it match the expressions in the eyes. You can show some teeth or just stick out a tongue to add to the emotion.

Once the teacher asked Ravi where France was (Ravi did not know) he looked up his book and said
Miss, its on page 27!!!


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