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Hey! Kids
Want to learn how to create cartoons?
In just a few simple lessons… let's unveil the secrets of cartooning!

Secret 1: Before we start….

You will need:
White paper of uniform size
Pencils of various thickness & hardness

Preparing yourself:
Try drawing ovals / circles of various size, free hand curves, lines & try to scribble. Practice a few smooth curves. This will help free your fingers.

Initially, use only pencil, because you may want to erase, later on when you have enough practice you can use a pen / brush.

Secret 2: Emotions

Simply show the emotion in a cartoon face is the key to giving the character a personality. When you think of a famous cartoon you will recall some emotions they have expressed. The eyes, eyelids, eyebrows and mouth express the basic emotions best.

Secret 3: The eyes come first

The cartoon face should receive a pair of eyes, which will tell the reader in which direction the character is looking. Keep the eyes going in the same direction, unless you want a really crazy looking cartoon. Freely experiment with your faces and proceed with the remaining emotions gradually.

"You have that brain there for Rs 3,000/-," said the brain surgeon to the man who was going to have a transplant. It used to belong to a bank manager.
This one's Rs 5,000/- it was dancer's .
And this one's for Rs 50,000/-: it belongs to a school teacher." "Why's is it ten times more than the others?" gasped the man. "It's been used ten times less than theirs!"


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