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Hey! Kids
Want to learn how to create cartoons?
In just a few simple lessons… let's unveil the secrets of cartooning!

Secret 1: Before we start….

You will need:
White paper of uniform size
Pencils of various thickness & hardness

Preparing yourself:
Try drawing ovals / circles of various size, free hand curves, lines & try to scribble. Practice a few smooth curves. This will help free your fingers.

Initially, use only pencil, because you may want to erase, later on when you have enough practice you can use a pen / brush.

Secret 2: Emotions

Simply show the emotion in a cartoon face is the key to giving the character a personality. When you think of a famous cartoon you will recall some emotions they have expressed. The eyes, eyelids, eyebrows and mouth express the basic emotions best.

Secret 3: The eyes come first

The cartoon face should receive a pair of eyes, which will tell the reader in which direction the character is looking. Keep the eyes going in the same direction, unless you want a really crazy looking cartoon. Freely experiment with your faces and proceed with the remaining emotions gradually.

Q. Why didn't the banana snore?
A. Cos it was afraid to wake up the rest of the bunch.


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