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Recycle Waste - Solid wastes are probably the most visible forms of pollution. People throw away billions of tons of solid material each year. Much of this waste ends up littering roadsides, floating in lakes and streams and collecting in ugly dumps.....

Green kids can make a difference - No one will ever again see a Caspian tiger, a Javan tiger or a Bali tiger slink through the forest. They are gone forever they are now extinct. Extinction is forever.

Is the earth getting warmer? - Although some recent frigid winters may convince you otherwise many scientists say that it is. They note that in this century, the average temperature has already risen by almost 1 Fahrenheit, and that by 2050, it may be 4 warmer.

Smog is a form of air pollution. - The term was first used in 1905 to describe the combination of smoke and thick fog that hung over London and other cities in Great Britain.

Noise pollution - Noise pollution is a problem that belongs mainly to cities and towns.People in and around cities are exposed to loud noises much of the time.

The Ozone Layer - Is it Depleting? - Ozone is a form of oxygen that is present in the earth's atmosphere in small amounts. Ozone in the upper atmosphere is a major factor in making life on the earth possible.

So she bought a bit of butter,
better than her bitter butter,
and she baked it in her batter,
and the batter was not bitter.
So 'twas better Betty Botter
bought a bit of better butter.

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