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About Us:

This enterprise today is a hub of innumerous functions and activities never witnessed before. The innovations world wide take place literally day after day. Each innovation claims to be better over the previous one that is in vogue, and yet, it seems, the process of change has just begun! The sky seems to be the limit! With the advent of this "Electronic Era", it is gratifying to note that in India too, time has not stood still. With the opening up of the Indian Economy to the outside world, India, the big agro-industrial giant, so to say, has woken up from the decades of deep slumber to become one of the biggest emerging economic power in this part of our world. The new frontiers of information technology have become a part of our daily life. Amongst the aspirant youth there is hope, there is opportunity and a promising career.

In tune with the pace of time Webmedia Solutions has been established by a group of bright, young experts by pooling themselves to form a professional team to pursue the business of website development, education, marketing & media entertainment.

In our foremost project launch we have accomplished in creating a unique website exclusively for the Smart Young Kids. It is our aim to address this age group so as to Catch Them Young. We believe, children possess unbounding capacity to observe, absorb, imagine and of course, to learn. Given the right kind of environment, equipment and opportunity, their life can change considerably for the better. So, not just kids but also the parents of budding kids visit this interesting website which has lots of fun and knowledge combined.

It is our small world of information - "Choti Si Duniya"!


This site would not have been possible without a great deal of support.

We would like to thank our parents and friends for their full time encouragement, support, backup and feedback without which we could not have expended surprising levels of energy to build this - "choti si duniya".

A special thanks to all the young kids around us for their creativity & ideas from whom we continue to draw lots of inspiration.

CSD Team

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